Saturday, 2 April 2011

my tought about myvi

Myvi v.s. Saga

When I surveyed the market for the right car to buy, Rumous about a new proton car (Proton BLM) has been hotly discussed in some local automobile forums and blogs. There are many spyshots of this much anticipated vehicle, but no definite launching date has been announced.
I got my Myvi on 18th December, less than half month later, on 1st Jan 2008, Proton announced that BLM (renamed to Saga after official launching) is open for booking. This plain looking car has received overwhelming response (after many years of producing fancy-looking cars, proton finally realized that simplicity is the key). As of the date of this writing, the number of booking exceeded 23,000.
New Saga is a tad cheaper than Myvi, almost 10K cheaper for the same spec. Myvi has come up with new facelift models but has no intention to reduce its price. Seems like Saga is poised to overtake Myvi's position as the best selling cars in Malaysia. But will it last ?
Cheaper price and bigger luggage volume give Saga a significant edge over Myvi. However, I still believe that quality is the deciding factor of who will be winning the competition in long run. What do you think ?